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    CDTS Simulator

    The controlled discharge toilet system (CDTS) in simulated on a physical scale model.

    All major components of the CDTS system are incorporated. All operational logic is

    simulated through the software and training is provided through graphical representation of the same. 

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    WAG 9 Cab Simulator

     Full size cab with scale models of complete loco operations using physical panels in the CAB, 

    microprocessor can be conducted. Valves and circuit breakers outside the cab are simulated

    on a 3D graphic GUI and remedial actions can be taken on these panels.

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    Door RS 2 System (TSMS)
    Trouble Shooting and Maintenance Simulators (TSMS),These simulator will be
    used to train maintenance staff. TSMS Trainers can be built for all the train
    subsystems including one for the central train control and management system.
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    Toy Train
    The toy train is a rideable train built to 1:8 scale and runs on a 7¼” gauge track.  

    The locomotives is a scale model of the Bheem Diesel Locomotive manufactured in 
    DLW, Varanasi.

Rail Simulators

A full CAB Loco-Pilot Simulator is used to train Rail/METRO drivers in a high fidelity environment with the objective of improving their driving efficiency, improving skills in fault diagnosis and handling of unusual occurrences as per G & SR.
The Cab has been built using light weight aluminum extrusion and can be equipped with close circuit television (CCTV Camera) and Audio System which is connected to the Instructor Control.


CC Engineers takes pride in presenting Asia’s largest Rail Museum, National Rail Museum, New Delhi. This museum got its renewed look after our team took charge of refurbishing the entire museum.
 As a part of this project, we have organized the exhibits of the museum according to our structural designs. The design of the indoor gallery, which contains exhibits, photographs, ancient memorabilia; was articulated in such a manner that every aspect of Indian Railways would be clear to the visitors. Keeping in mind of the current digitization trends, we have created a fusion of the present technologies with our historical artifacts and presented them in a creative fashion.
Not only have we added unique and one of its kind exhibits to our Railway history, but also, created huge civil structures like replicating the dome structure building of Chattrapati Shivaji Terminus, Mumbai.

Simulators for Sub-Systems

The rail industry requires trainers for multiple sub-systems like Air Braking, Air conditioning, Traction, PLC Trainers, Pneumatic kits, Hydraulic kits and many more. 
CC Engineers take pride in providing the largest number of simulators for sub-systems for Indian Railway equipment training, component understanding, for enhancing operational and teaching methods. Our products consist of e-learning software, CDs’, operational manuals, instructor manuals, student manuals and maintenance manuals.

Who We Are

Established in 1987, CC is a leading developer of training solutions using simulation technology, E-learning, Blended learning and customized Instructional design. CC is committed to developing on-going training solutions for organizations by bringing together innovative teams and applying state of the art technology. We achieve this through the design and analysis of complex equipment and processes; the development of decision support systems, and the provision of training simulators complimented by 3D training environment.

We follow strict in house Quality system which is in line with the best in the industry. We service an international client base consisting of Educational Institutions and Railway Training centres. With a large in house team of engineers, software professionals, digital artists and technical staff, we pride ourselves on an ability to understand our customers industries and specific requirements and then apply leading edge technology to exceed their expectations.



As a part of our product development cycle, our team carries out strategic analysis of the said project by using tools like MS Office Suite, MS Project Management for preparing informational charts, gathering data, acquiring information about existing systems and preparing an analytical document about the proposed project.


On completing the analysis of the proposed project, we phase out and prepare the design documents for the project. Our design team uses tools like MS Office Suite and organizes specifications, data sheets, structural drawings, electrical drawings and then presents the designs for approvals.


Once the designing phase is successful, our team of engineers begins the development of various sub-systems of the project like CGI, Virtual System, Hydraulic System for Simulators, Programming for Model Train control, Satellite configuration and many more.


At the final phase of our product cycle, we take great pride in successful implementation of the project, whether it is a virtual project like LMS or a multifarious project like National Rail Museum Restoration and Refurbishment project. Our Site Engineers and professionals take care that the implemented projects are handled with proper skills and operate normally.

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